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September 2017 Focus: Diet and Nutrition
1 Nov 2017

What are the “basics” that no matter what type of dietary intake I choose I should be attentive to?

Originally aired on 09-14-2017


Questions from listeners regarding basic food choices including toxic levels in foods and water, choices of food types and volumes of food to consume.  Regardless of the macronutrient mix in my diet what is healthy “across the board?”  

Remember caloric intake is body size and energy output (exercise and activity) based.

What are questions we should consider?

  1. How do I get all my nutrients?
  2. Is organic really necessary?
  3. Is sugar really bad for me?
  4. I hear meat is bad and then I hear meat is good for me?
  5. I hear the same about fats?


  • Clean
  • Green – Book: Clean, Green and Lean: Walter Crinnion
  • Colorful
  • Hydrating
  • Low glycemic – Look up “glycemic index” for food ideas
  • Appealing
  • Appropriate portions



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