This is a discussion of things to consider in regards to IV nutritional therapy and autoimmunity (AI). Obviously, it is necessary to be working on all the other non-IV determinants of health. What follows are observations I have made with AI folks include:

Timing: Any Rx can aggravate them but it depends on the timing of addition into their case, so chelation, for example, may be needed but not tolerated until the ReDox situation is stable.

Intensity: Generally, if one is going to react to an IV negatively it is the AI patient. That said, once they are more stable in the ReDox area they react less. So, the “start low and work up rule” HEAVILY applies here. A common example is HDIVC can often really aggravate the AI patient if used too soon, as will H2O2. The more stable their base is, the less they react.

Initial Balance: I find that a 3 step IV works best with them initially. This is a Vit-Min (and amino if desired) IV followed by a GSH push or bag (1 gram is often tolerated well, more if they need it) and followed by 10-20 mL Poly-MVA in NS or D5. Over and over when I sub out ALA or other IV thiols for the Poly the AI folks do not respond as well and have less energy. Some eventually do better with a PTC/Phospholipid IV as well, after you see how the above goes. Most do OK with a weekly IV for 4-8 weeks then an IV every 2 weeks until you see their response and tolerance. I would not assume to judge the therapy until at least 12-20 IV’s however (although often QOL parameters are improving earlier on).

Later things like chronic infection / Immune / Biofilm / Chelation approaches are really helpful, but rarely initially.

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