atrial fibrillation oral and iv considerations


I have had many A Fib patients “convert” to normal sinus rhythm during and after IV with balanced (and most importantly chloride salt forms) of magnesium, calcium and potassium in a base solution with Taurine.  They usually never “convert” permanently however unless you catch them early in their A Fib. But the IV if balanced properly can help a great deal, even eliminating A Fib for a time. Obviously for A Fib all underlying issues (including hormonal, toxic, allergic etc.) must be tracked down and eliminated.  

From all the A Fib patients I’ve given IV to I’d never use just magnesium as some advocate as the need to calm the excitable membrane activity involves all the above mentioned factors.  How does this relate to intravenous fluid or formula “balance”? In the case of A Fib or any other excitable membrane issue as a trial you can take the 25 gram HDIVC formula from the research [1], DROP the ascorbate to 10 grams, add 500 mg Taurine (as it is the master osmolyte in the body and regulates the Na/K/Mg/Ca gating systems) and 1-2 mL B-100 complex.

If they tolerate that and then raise the mineral levels each IV (use the 50 and 75 gram HDIVC formulas as basis for mineral dose and balance but drop the ascorbate to 10 grams as above and increase the taurine to 1 gram minimum). I have used this format in cases of A Fib, anxiety, muscle spasm and many other excitable membrane issues with success. Another worthy IV consideration is l-Carnitine (1-3 grams) or Acetyl-l-Carnitine (300-900 mg). Do have them on Co-Q-10 orally as well (100 mg TID).

If working on an oral approach it is slower but Taurine 500 – 1000 mg TID, Acetyl-l-carnitine 250 mg TID and a potassium-Magnesium aspartate or citrate formula (dosed 100 – 250 mg of the magnesium component TID) are quite useful. Then B Vitamins and other mitochondrial support should be considered.

With either IV or oral approaches what I have seen is the “cardiac herbs” (Hawthorne, Cactus, Lilly of the Valley, Motherwort, Lemon Balm etc.) seem to work much better.


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