QUESTION: Why would a pt have asthma exacerbations after taking 1/5 of a methyl guard plus? Compound Heterozygous MTHFR – (she puts in applesauce one pill and eats only 1 spoonful). Her allergy Sx’s are better, though. Will also feel “sped up” and have a panic attack w/increased HR after taking. She’s also incredibly nauseated and has achiness in epigastrium.

ANSWER: Compound hetero’s have the oddest reactions. Most like this have another SNP at COMT so 1/2 their catecholamine removal is broken. When you methylate them they form Epi and can’t get it out fast enough – since the only back up to MAO is COMT…They generally are poor sulfation people too. Sulfation is Molybdenum dependent and MAO is B2 and B6 dependent.

Try no Methylguard for a month while you have them do

  • 200-400mcg molybdenum
  • 65-100mg Riboflavin 5 phos BID
  • 100 mg P5P BID
  • then add in Magnesium

after a month try 1/4 – 1/2 pill of the Methylguard QD and work up

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