QUESTION: I was at Doc Talks and saw your talk on Artesunate. I am wanting to try it for a pt I have with chronic fatigue and reactivated EBV. All I have in notes is Artesunate and its use in cancer pts. You mentioned that you had used it for EBV, but I didn’t get the dosing/protcol. Is it similar to what you use in your cancer patients? And is it usually piggy backed with a general nutrient IV or more of an oxidant IV in this case? .

ANSWER: In ID cases ART is paired with IVC.

Run 60-120 mg ART first then 25-75 grams HDIVC after.
If doing antioxidant or other IV’s do them on a different day.
Ideal plan is 2 ART-IVC a week for 4 weeks then either weekly after that or if they have residual fatigue I alternate Vit-Min-AA+GSH IV’s with Art IVC until they turn the corner.
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