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Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma
20 Sep 2017

Artesunate and Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

As a new provider of IV therapies, I am searching for a protocol for treatment of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma with Artesunate. Several of the in vitro studies that I have read suggest ferroptosis as the mechanism of cell death for the cancer cells.
If this is true, would you recommend an iron supplementation prior to administering IV Artesunate? If so, could this be done by an oral route?
Do you have a home regimen of Atemisinin that you would advise on non-IV infusion days? How often would you administer the Artesunate?
And finally, would interspersed antioxidant support be unwise between IV treatments?

Dr. Anderson


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  1. Ferroptosis sounds good and rarely is feasible in practice. Also it can quickly accelerate cancer growth. In my experience (over 10,000 IV Artesunate) even in low iron states it works well. The only time I use iron is if it is clinically indicated due to need (and the patient fits the oncology – Fe guidelines).
  2. The idea of what to do on off days depends on the case. Generally if the person can do 2 or 3 HDIVC-Artesunate weekly that is sufficient for therapy on that end (we use 15-20 IV and then re-assess). On off days one can use antioxidants if needed.
  3. If using PO artemisinin one need to watch the TIBC, CBC and Ferritin closely (also with IV but more so with PO).

-Dr A