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#74 PharmPart-23 Vitamin C Use: Pharmacology, Safety, & Clinical Tips


The use of Vitamin C in integrative and Naturopathic medicine has a long history. The increase in use of newer forms such as liposomal oral products and wider use of IV Vitamin C has sparked a new group of clinical questions, safety and administration guidelines and general mechanism conundrums. This second installment CE is a merger of Dr. Anderson’s long use of and research into Vitamin C with the many physician questions he has received about it. 

Part-2 focuses on issues around insulin / blood sugar and ascorbate, infectious disease and sepsis, cancer therapies and central nervous system concerns.


  • Diabetes / Insulin Use, Insulin Resistance and IVC
  • Infectious Disease (COVID, Sepsis, Mitochondria, Cell Transporters etc.)
  • Vitamin C and Chemo, Radiation, Biologicals etc.
  • PANS/PANDAS, MCAS, Encephaloathies
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