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How to start and how to adjust as the case progresses

Assessing the Complicated Patient

Ever wonder what goes on in Dr. A’s head?… Maybe not – but one of the most common questions he gets is “How can I figure out how bad off the patient is and where to start – then when the case changes how do I do it all over again? What if I get it wrong? How does this dictate treatment, Intensity, Timing etc.?” While webinar 24 “Assessment of Chronic Cases” looked at this in a case based manner this new webinar will be a follow up to that material and proceed in a very linear outline format – with “color commentary” by Dr. A.

Initial Top-down (or 360 degree) Factors:

  • Duration and Type of Illness
  • Past Rx Success or Failure
  • Areas Assessed or Not Assessed
  • Proximal History – Cause Areas
  • Gravity of Case Sn/Sx per Organ System Presentation

Initial Assessment:

  • Are New / Repeat Labs or other Assessments needed
  • Treat any Untreated or Poorly Treated Areas in the Case Gravity
  • Initiate Presumptive Rx or Rx Trial(s)

Follow up and Progress / Adjustments over Time:

  • Aggravation or Amelioration (is it what it seems?)
  • Re-assess the main areas
  • Adjust as indicated
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