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Webinar #47

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#47 USP-FDA Compounding Update 2024

Pharmacy, Office Compounding and In Office Use update - Rule changes from the FDA/USP and their effects on your office compounding practices


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The changes in the USP guidelines for office compounding since the 2008 updates have been fraught with confusion, over and under interpretation, and became a setting for potential regulatory challenge for clinicians. In late 2023 the USP promulgated the newest regulatory guidelines for USP 795 and 797. All of which apply to clinician offices and outpatient clinics as well as hospitals and pharmacies. This CME will focus on sterile compounding (USP 797) and the USP regulatory guidelines which apply to most clinical settings.


  • ⭑ Define USP 795
  • ⭑ Define USP 797
  • ⭑ Describe Immediate Use Compounding
  • ⭑ Describe Category-1 Compounding
  • ⭑ Describe why Category 2 and 3 compounding do not typically apply to outpatient clinical practice

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