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#04 PHARM Part-2 T3 and Iodine Rx & Safe Dosing

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This Webcall includes a comprehensive discussion of iodine and T3 therapies. We touch on the best way to test Iodine levels, go over iodine toxicity symptoms, and bromide detox and how to best manage it as well as iodine cofactors and metallotoxins. It includes how to dose iodine to help manage thyroid issues while avoiding negative feedback on thyroid function. T3, T3 resistance and reverse T3, are reviewed; Wilson’s protocol and delayed release T3 are discussed along with timing of thyroid medication dosing. Appropriate lab testing, calculation of optimal patient thyroid ratios, dose ranges, treatment vs maintenance therapy, clinical thinking for therapy and patient monitoring are included. Additionally, this webcall includes therapy recommendations for antibody positive patients and how to manage care so your patients don’t have to remain on thyroid therapy forever.

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