66 Immunology Update for Clinicians

66 Immunology Update for Clinicians


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Immunology is one of the most rapidly changing disciplines in clinical medicine. In this CME Dr. Anderson will break down the commonly understood processes in the human immune response and how those relate to factors such as cytokines and chemokines, growth factors and other immunobiology. Where appropriate immunological crossover with common drug classes will be discussed.


  1. Overview of the human immune response
    1. Non-specific immunity
    2. Specific immunity
      1. Antibody (Humoral) functions including Ig G/M/A/E
      2. Cell-mediated functions
      3. Complement
    3. Updates
  2. Cytokines of note and their functions
    1. Cytokine functions
    2. Chemokine functions
    3. Other immunochemistry
    4. Updates
  3. Developing immune memory
    1. Antigen presentation
    2. Humoral memory
    3. Cell mediated memory
    4. Activity of lymphatic system
  4. Natural agents that mimic immune functions and their relative impacts
    1. Relative rise of cytokines – examples of Viral versus natural agent impact
    2. Other factors


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