Medicine and Health with Dr. Paul Anderson Podcast

This program opens up the sometimes mysterious world of healthcare and how doctors think in an effort to empower the listener to gain better access to effective health care. Discussions are topical and aim to give the listener deeper understanding. The overall goals are knowledge and empowerment around healthcare for you and your loved ones.

Originally aired on The Contact Talk Radio Network. Medicine and Health with Dr. Paul Anderson airs every Thursday at 3:00PM PST.

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April 2019

March 2019

Outside The Box Cancer Therapies

February 2019

January 2019

Dr. Anderson reviews several books

Energetic Healing

November 2018 Focus

Energy "The Other Kind"

October 2018 Focus


September 2018 Focus

Epigenetics and Disease

July 2018 Focus

Brain Health, Memory, Trauma, Anxiety and other Issues

June 2018 Focus

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

May 2018 Focus

Patient Stories

April 2018 Focus


March 2018 Focus

The Mind-Body Connection

How the Mind-Body Connection (or the “Mind Game”) can Promote Healing
Feb 2018 Focus

Health After Cancer

January 2018 Focus

Biofilms and Genomics

Sneaky things that make you sick - Your questions answered
Biofilms, Genomics and Generations, Toxicity and Hormones, Insulin Resistance / Inflammation and Pain
December 2017 Focus

Modern Ideas

Prescription Eating for Specific Diseases
November 2017 Focus

Diet and Nutrition

Impact on Health and Disease
September 2017 Focus


Why am I excited about Naturopathic, Integrative and Complementary Medicine?
August 2017 Focus


July 2017 Focus


What happens when my immune system isn’t working well?
June 2017 Focus


Your brain and how it works
May 2017 Focus


Where are they and what do they do?
April 2017 Focus


Mar 2017 Focus

The Gut-Body Connection

How our digestive system effects the health of our immune system, brain and beyond!
February 2017 Focus


How can something I cannot see damage my health so much?
January 2017 Focus