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23 May 2018

Omegas and Inflammatory Balance – A Deep Dive Into Factors Influencing Their Biochemistry

Interview from Emerson Ecologics blog. When it comes to essential fatty acids’ effect on inflammation and human health, context is everything, says Dr. Paul Anderson, NMD, CEO of the Anderson Medical Group, former chief of IV services for Bastyr Oncology Research Center, and a past professor at Bastyr University. In this extensive interview with Emerson Ecologics Medical Educator Lisa Murray, RDN, LD, Anderson explains how the actions of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are influenced by other nutrients and antioxidants, the contexts which influence their role in inflammation, and strategies to support optimal benefit from omega 3 supplementation. Lisa Murray: In the...
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23 Feb 2018

Silymarin, A Consistently Amazing Therapeutic Agent

Reviewed By: Paul Anderson, NMD This post originally appeared on Emerson Ecologics   Reference: Karimi G. et.al. “Silymarin”, a Promising Pharmacological Agent for Treatment of Diseases. Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences. Vol. 14, No. 4, July-Aug 2011, 308-317. Received: Oct 23, 2010; Accepted: May 5, 2011 Most integrative health practitioners know of the potential benefits of Silymarin (Milk Thistle) in liver protection and other health promoting areas. As someone who studies plant compounds for their immunologic potentials to expand my understanding of potential uses in immune and cancer therapies, I am consistently amazed by silymarin. The authors of this...
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22 Dec 2017

Vitamin C and K in Prostate Cancer

Reviewed by:  Paul Anderson, NMD This post originally appeared on Emerson Ecologics   Reference: Tareen B, et.al. A 12 Week, Open Label, Phase I/IIa Study Using Apatone® for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer Patients Who Have Failed Standard Therapy. International Journal of Medical Sciences. ISSN 1449-1907, 2008 5(2):62-67. Design:  Human Trial Trial information:  The use of Vitamin C and Vitamin “K-3” have been written about and postulated about in the treatment of cancer for many years.  In years of teaching IV therapy, we used to commonly teach an IV Vitamin C with IV Vitamin K-3 protocol for cancer patients.  The...
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13 Oct 2017

B-Vitamins and Lung Cancer Good, Bad – Or Do We Know?

Dr. Paul Anderson This post originally appeared on Emerson Ecologics   Reference: Theodore M. Brasky, Emily White, and Chi-Ling Chen. Long-Term, Supplemental, One-CarbonMetabolism–Related Vitamin B Use in Relation to Lung Cancer Risk in the Vitamins and Lifestyle (VITAL) Cohort. J Clin Oncol 35. (2017) PMID: 28829668 Design: Retrospective analysis of prospective cohort study data This “original report” from the Journal of Clinical Oncology grabbed a number of headlines when it was released including: High Doses Of Vitamin B Supplements Linked To Lung Cancer Risk[i] Popular Vitamin Supplement Appears To Cause Lung Cancer In Men[ii] Clear link between heavy vitamin B intake and...
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18 Sep 2017

Clinical Research: Does Alternative Medicine Kill Cancer Patients?

By Paul Anderson, NMD This post originally appeared on Emerson Ecologics Reference: Johnson SB, Park HS, Gross CP, Yu JB. Use of Alternative Medicine for Cancer and Its Impact on Survival [Brief Communication]. J Natl Cancer Inst (2018) 110(1): djx145. doi: 10.1093/jnci/djx145 The “Headlines” generated by this one tiny paper are quite imposing, and in some cases plainly misleading: “Cancer Patients Who Turn To Alternative Medicine Are 2.5 Times More Likely To Die” “Alternative Medicine Alone as a Cancer Treatment linked to Lower Survival” “You are more than twice as likely to die from your cancer if you choose alternative...
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This content is from Dr. Paul Anderson’s monthly article on Emereson Ecologics.