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Bismuth Thiol and Compounding

Hello I just read an article by you on Ndnr on biofilms (Read article here) and had a question. Am I understanding this correctly , that I can go to my local compounding pharmacy and have them make me a bismuth thiol for internal use ?   Dr. Anderson: BisThiols are a great add on. They cure nothing, but can help with resistance and make every other ID therapy work better. Park Pharmacy in CA...
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Emerson Ecologics

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Omegas and Inflammatory Balance – A Deep Dive Into Factors Influencing Their Biochemistry

Interview from Emerson Ecologics blog. When it comes to essential fatty acids’ effect on inflammation and human health, context is everything, says Dr. Paul Anderson, NMD, CEO of the Anderson Medical Group, former chief of IV services for Bastyr Oncology Research Center, and a past professor at Bastyr University. In this extensive interview with Emerson Ecologics Medical Educator Lisa Murray, RDN, LD, Anderson explains how the actions of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are influenced by other...
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Safety of Intravenous (IV) and Oral Ascorbic Acid in Pregnancy

Prepared as Data for Safe use of Ascorbic Acid in Human Research Much conjecture and mythology surrounds the use of vitamin C during pregnancy.  A review of clinical use and safety as well as the limited data regarding this topic leads to a different safety profile for vitamin C in pregnancy than often reported. ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE AND CASE REPORTS: Of anecdotal note is the statement by the author “I have observed no ill effects in...
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Brain Health: Memory

Originally aired on 06-08-2018 In this program Dr. Anderson will discuss memory problems and connect the dots between how the brain is supposed to function, where it becomes imbalanced and how that can create or aggravate memory issues. Topics such as the brain chemistry related to memory generation and how things like diet, nutrition, supplements and other therapies can be of help.   Listen to the episode here!     Originally aired, and hosted on...
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