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IV Glycyrrhiza and HPV

I found the intro to your article on ‘IV FORMS OF GLYCYRRHIZIC ACID AND USES’, after searching the web for info regarding this form of treatment. Noted that it is primarily used to reduce viral load in Hepatitis patients. My doc wants me to consider the treatment to reduce viral load from the HPV virus. I was wondering whether it would be effective on HPV as it appears to be with Hep. Any brief thoughts...
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Emerson Ecologics

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Vitamin C and K in Prostate Cancer

Reviewed by:  Paul Anderson, NMD This post originally appeared on Emerson Ecologics   Reference: Tareen B, A 12 Week, Open Label, Phase I/IIa Study Using Apatone® for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer Patients Who Have Failed Standard Therapy. International Journal of Medical Sciences. ISSN 1449-1907, 2008 5(2):62-67. Design:  Human Trial Trial information:  The use of Vitamin C and Vitamin “K-3” have been written about and postulated about in the treatment of cancer for many...
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