Continuing Medical Education Options

Continuing Medical Education

The CME Coursework includes the ongoing monthly web call with Dr. Anderson, the archive of web calls past, and page for our CME partners that feature Dr. Anderson.  Our web call archives are our past web call sessions which we recorded so they are accessible to our subscribers or you welcome to purchase an individual web call session.

Please note, in order to access the Web Calls or Web Call archive, you must be logged in and an active subscriber.  More information is coming soon to this page. 

Continuing Medical Education Access Options


Web Call archive is available to our monthly subscribers.  You can access the web call archive and stream at your convenience.  Requires our subscribers to login for access.

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One-Time Purchase

Prefer to view an individual web call without becoming a monthly subscriber?  You have the option to purchase access to a specific web call.

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Special Events

We’ve recently recorded a special event web call that addresses concerns regarding the FDA regulations.  This is available for purchase and available for online streaming.  

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CME Third Parties

Periodically, Dr. Anderson is asked to create learning coursework for other CME Partners.  These recordings are hosted on other sites and offer continuing medical education modules.

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Our webcalls can be claimed as self study, please see below for specific information.


Please be sure you keep documentation that you have completed the calls, and you may claim 8 hours in this manner. Here is the official form for reference. CME Check Sheet AZ


You may claim 15 hours of self study (over 2 years). For more information [See Here], and again, keep the documentation, the certificate at the end of the power point, as proof.


Webinars are considered coursework under the Categories for Professional Development Act, and there is no maximum limit. Keep your certificates of completion to submit.


15 hours of online Naturopathic Education accepted. “Continuing education shall be directly related to the practice of Naturopathic Medicine; and reflect the professional needs of the licensee in order to meet the health care needs of the public.” DONE


“Accepts all required hours by Online Naturopathic Physician Continuing Education Courses“, 15 must be in Pharmacology, webcalls with Dr. Anderson would count.


As a certificate is submitted and the activity is interactive, these webcalls would most likely count as a “supervised activity” even if they did not, you may still claim up to 30 hours of “unsupervised activity”.


Maine accepts courses that are accredited by other state associations. As our webcalls and webinars are accredited by the Oregon state board, they are accepted.


“The board shall approve continuing education programs that have been approved for continuing education credit by any of [The AANP’s] constituent state associations.”
We are credentialed by Oregon.


In order to be approved, a continuing education program must:
(a) have significant intellectual or practical content; YES
(b) relate to substantive naturopathic medicine topics within the scope of practice for naturopaths in Montana, except as otherwise provided herein; YES
(c) be presented by person(s) qualified by practical experience and academic credentials; YES
(d) issue certificates of completion (except nonlive programs) and program agendas/syllabi containing the following information:
(i) title and date(s) of program;
(ii) name(s) and qualification of presenter(s);
(iii) outline of program content;
(iv) credit hours of instruction;
(v) description of presentation delivery (i.e., live or nonlive) INCLUDED IN POWERPOINT

New Hampshire

As we are accredited by Oregon, the credits transfer to New Hampshire.

North Dakota

Reciprocity with Oregon. “Credits must meet BIHC approval. Examples include credits offered through the AANP, AANP state affiliates”


We have CME approval for Webcalls with the OANP.


Reciprocity with Oregon. “To be qualified continuing education, a continuing education course shall meet the following standards: “a professional association or organization representing a licensed profession whose program objectives are related to naturopathic training”



No official requirements. May claim webcalls.