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Ignite Educational Series

One of our educational partners is Emerson Ecologics and hosts the Ignite Educational Portal.  The list below highlights Dr. Anderson and is available for free, once you register on the site.  Emerson Ecologics is also widely recognized for its innovative Emerson Quality Program (EQP) and is committed to helping integrative practitioners succeed as healers as well as business owners.

Inflammation Concepts for Clinical Practice

Join Dr. Paul Anderson, NMD as he shares his decades of clinical practice and research in the specific area of inflammatory conditions and the illnesses it can cause.

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Immunity & Infectious Illness

Understanding the many facets of the immune system and how immune reactions progress will be highlighted with an in-depth look at how to improve immune function and the therapeutics…

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Digestive Support: Mastering GI Therapies

With digestion being one of the most complex and interconnected systems in the body, the treatment of it requires careful assessment and attention…

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Neurocognitive Support:  Keys to Cognition

The human mind is an extremely complex and powerful component of every part of life. Depending on whether it is at top function, in balance, or recovering from imbalance…

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Endocrine System Essentials

The endocrine system has incredible reach into every human function with incredible capacity for self-maintenance and repair. In addition, this intricate system…

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Hosted by Power2Practice

A unique EMR, patient portal and business development platform that allows Integrative and Functional Medicine physicians to focus on delivering the best personalized care available.

IV Therapy 101

Hosted by Power2Practice, this video addresses:  (1.)  Using IV Nutrients in the outpatient setting (an overview), (2.) The most common IV additives and their indications and (3.)  Ideas for implementing the modality in your practice.

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